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Giant Games Brings a Five-Title Lineup to E3 2019
Swing by the Giant Games booth to get an exclusive look into the latest titles coming later this year!

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Giant Games, the US subsidiary of premier games developer and publisher Giant Network Group, will attend Los Angeles' Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 (June 11-13, 2019) with five titles to showcase!

Pascals Wager, Night of the Full Moon, Project Dunk, and Heterotopias--last seen at PAX East 2019--will be joined by a new fifth title, Undying!

Night of Full Moon: The Diary of Little Red Riding Hood revealed!

The popular rogue-like card RPG returns with a new expansion! The Diary of Little Red Riding Hood is our latest story expansion where players can explore new areas, master new classes, and take on challenging new game modes!
For our latest trailer on gameplay and mechanics, you can find out more here:

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Pascals Wager: New trailer and release date inbound!

Hardcore mobile action-RPG Pascals Wager returns to capture the audience, bringing a new in-depth look into its world by revealing new areas full of mystery and challenge to explore, horrifying enemies to overcome, as well as a release date! Watch the new trailer

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Heterotopias: New story trailer!

The slick cyberpunk brawler Heterotopias teases its story in a brand-new trailer! Armed with the latest technology, Gene Hunters take on criminals--and sometimes each other--as they try to right wrongs in this deadly future city. See the trailer yourself

Project Dunk: Meet the Hip-Hop Bard, Matthew!

3-on-3 battle basketball game Project Dunk reveals a new character trailer, featuring "Hip-Hop Bard" Matthew! Unlike powerful force-of-nature Monster, Matthew is a tricky, technical player who needs pure skill to come out on top! Get your first look at Matthew!
More information on the game, please check out our social channels below:

New title: Undying!

Undying is an emotional zombie survival game about a mother's love. Players take on the role of a mother who's recently been bitten by a zombie. Her days are numbered, but she must fight to protect and train her young son to survive in this world… even if it means giving in to her new undead urges. 

Giant Games ( is the US subsidiary of Giant Network Group, a global developer and publisher of PC, console, and mobile games. Founded in 2004, Giant Network Group Co. Ltd. (002558.SZ) is headquartered in Shanghai and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

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