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ProxiMat Chaperon/Guardian Mat Prevents Personal Damage and Accidents in Virtual Reality
A new Virtual Reality Mat complements the digital Chaperone/Guardian systems built into room scale and standing games providing a for a better gaming experience, extra layer of safety, and longer play sessions with the anti-fatigue sponge construction.

Akron, Ohio, June 6th, 2019 – Murdock Industrial Inc., a fabrication wholesaler based in Akron, Ohio, is adding another level to protection and personal health with its innovative approach to affordable room definition while in Virtual Reality.

The ProxiMat mats feature anti-fatigue sponge, unique designs, forward, rear, and center awareness, and a radius of safety while using the mats allowing for longer game play and a safer level of protection while the user is in total immersion.

This new mat solves safety limitations of current VR systems. With as many VR Fail videos and damages to controllers, walls and Televisions that are posted on social media sites, the ProxiMat gives a physical locale feedback to the user as to where they are in the room and prevents the user from getting too lost in the physical world.

According to ProxiMat’s creator, Tony Price, “The primary goal of the ProxiMat is to better define the user’s space and provide a zone of use, essential for anyone using VR today. Additional benefit of anti-fatigue sponge gives longer play sessions.” and “The [ProxiMat] Mat is almost like the bumps on the F and J keys for a keyboard – defining location and providing accuracy while you’re focusing on your game”.

ProxiMat will be at Booth SH2746 South Hall for E3 from June 11th – 13th, 2019. We will have a dedicated area to experience the mat in person using the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S with various games. Additionally, we have created a spaceship background to take photo mementos while at E3 using VR gun/light saber props and futuristic looking glasses for a picture promo item which will capture the spirit of the show and make for a great item to remember the show with!

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Tony Price
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