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BlocPlay Entertainment Announces E3 Expo Exhibit Results and Adds 15 Launch Titles to TokenPlay

June 14, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario - BlocPlay Entertainment (CSE: PLAY) ("BlocPlay" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that TokenPlay blockchain-enabled games distribution platform is being unveiled at E3 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo, taking place in Los Angeles, California, on June 12-14, 2018. Tokenplay's E-commerce Platform is perfectly positioned to become the leader in blockchain PC gaming sector. During the first day at E3 2018 Expo, which is the biggest consumer show in this sector attracting 70-80,000 attendees, Tokenplay Booth has already generated a lot of interest. The striking TokenPlay branded booth reinforces the strong TokenPlay brand image and creates brand awareness and recognition for the platform. The booth is equipped with six gaming stations that are attracting a lot of interested gamers. During the first day of E3, TokenPlay was approached by Samsung Electronics and Acclaim for potential partnerships. The two companies have 4,600+ games between the two of them.

At E3, Tokenplay has released its initial architecture utilizing partnered technologies, showing visitors in the booth how the techonology and the vision of the Tokenplay platform are coming to life. "The most important gaming conference of the year is a perfect showcase for the groundbreaking product we are building", said Cameron Paddock, the new CEO of BlocPlay Entertainment.

Tokenplay is also pleased to announce its initial acceptance of the first 15 "Launch Titles" and their developers as first adopters onto the platform, showcasing Tokenplay build for highly scalable applications of streaming and future features, such as allowing users to group chat, play, stream, and download games, and in the future to have the ability to link crypto payments to be accepted on the platform. Brand-new marketing materials have been created for the trade show, distributed at the booth and have been very well received. Materials include the new company Fact Sheet, brochure featuring the Launch Titles, and flyers that feature an E3 Token Drop QR Code, which, upon scanning, gives the chance to receive a Free Token on the platform. This puts the start to the database of registered users of the platform.

The realization of the original concept of the founder of Tokenplay is coming to fruition as an entertainment platform for the community, which features better economics for the developers and is scalable, blockchain driven, secure and uniquely positioned as Collaboration Platform for the gaming community.

In addition, the blockchain architecture of Tokenplay platform will allow the gamers to exchange in-game currencies and Tokenplay Tokens, which has never been done before on a large scale in the industry. In addition to offering developers a more secure smart contract solution for purchasing and downloading games and titles at a reduced cost for selling, this feature is attractive to entire developer industry and shall stand as a rival to the leading provider Steam. 

Cameron Paddock, the CEO of BlocPlay Entertainment, reported: "Even after just one day at E3, we are already seeing an overwhelming amount of interest from game developers, as well as enormous excitement and support from the bigger names in the gaming industry, looking for participation and contract with Tokenplay platform for featuring their products. The platform can certainly boast the most advanced features than comparable platforms on the market, thanks to its technology partners."

We look forward to a continued success at E3 Expo, and we are confident to continue to set a standard in the gaming industry.

About BlocPlay Entertainment  

BlocPlay Entertainment is the world's first peer-to-peer, de-centralized digital entertainment company. Supporting video gamers, developers, and content creators - worldwide. Each day billions of consumers worldwide enjoy digital entertainment products. BlocPlay Entertainment plans to deliver a fully transparent distribution, publishing, and marketing platform for videogames and eSports events through our innovative tokenization system known as Token Play. BlocPlay Entertainment develops in-house entertainment technologies including video games and services.

About TokenPlay  

TokenPlay is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlocPlay and is involved in the development of blockchain technology in the video game space, which will seek to provide a platform for the exchange of in-game currencies and tokens.

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